Sunday, 28 June 2009

Campaign for better train travel

Why is it that in this country taking a plane across the UK is often cheaper than taking the train? UK train fares are the highest in Europe, especially if you don't book in advance. A last minute ticket from London to Manchester can be as ridiculously expensive as £250 return. But people love taking the train, watching the landscapes change, being able to walk up and down the carriage. And of course it's a much greener way to travel, ultimately reducing traffic and improving lifestyles.

The train VS plane debate is battled out in this funny video put together by Campaign for Better Transport. They argue that the government should stop giving such high subsidies to airlines and put their energy and money into better and more affordable train travel. You can join the campaign at:


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  1. Um trains really arent THAT expensive last minute - last minute London to Manchester is like £65, which is probably not massively more than a last minute flight. Trans-continental in Europe they get really expensive though, especially if you get to get the sodding Eurostar. And I don't think British trains are more than in Europe really - in Germany for example they're really expensive too.