Monday, 6 April 2009

Mont Blanc Express

I mentioned in a previous blog that just this week before last I had travelled from Swiss Alps to French Alps. I made the same trip back by train the following day but in daylight rather than after hours. The exact route was Martigny to Chamonix, on the Mont Blanc Express.

I was told the Mont Blanc Express is one of the most stunning train rides around and I cannot think of a more striking train journey I have been on (Bergen to Oslo was the best I had been on before this trip). The train takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The train goes at a leisurely pace throughout, stopping regularly, including at the Swiss boarder so don't forget your passport. A highlight is certainly the descent to (or climb from) Martigny. Also look out for stops at Finhaut and Salvan. Mountain, village and gorge scapes.

There are windows in the roof of train there is so much to see!

It would be hard to justify a slowmoves to Martigny or Chamonix especially for the train but the ride maybe of interest if you ever have to think about travelling between the two places, or if you have a day to spare next time you are in the area.

As a side I have to mention the fantastic La Vache Qui Vole restuarant in Martigny. Unexpectedly fantastic food, service and ambience, even for a vegetarian.



  1. Thank You for this information. No Doubt you blog is very much informative. I will forward this information to my friends also.

  2. Hi, Do you remember the cost for the route from Martigny to Chamonix, on the Mont Blanc Express?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi, 19 November, sorry I don't remember how much the train was, something around 20 euros if I were to guess. For sure not too expensive, given it's the Alps. It was worth it! Let us know how you go

  4. Hi George, this is Chin (19 November, hehe…)
    My plan is by flight from Nice to Geneve, then by bus/train to Chamonix, in mid May next year. One of 3 days in Chamonix I will take Mont Blanc Express day trip to Martigny. I think the scenic route of Mont Blanc Express is never too much for a return trip.
    Question is: shall I go to Chamonix from Geneve by Mont Blanc Express as it is a very slow train and because of my above itinerary? Or save the daytrip to Martigny by taking Mont Blanc Express from Geneve on the arrival day?

  5. Chin! Not sure what your arrival time is but I say Chamonix - Martigny, and you can do it at the time that suits you, with the things along the way you want to do, without bags and all

  6. Thank you so much for your suggestion.
    Ciao! ---- Chin

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