Sunday, 1 March 2009

Running routes

Let's not get technical, slowmoves can involve any mode of transport, it's the context and way we go about the journey that defines slowmoves. For example, running can be as much slowmoves as walking... Communting to work can be seen as a chore, or an opportunity (there's a blog to be written on that!). I enjoy running, it gives me great satisfaction to run just about anywhere (running machines not included for lots of reasons), but particularly from point a to point b (rather than point a to point a, you understand).

A great tool I was introduce to was Run Finder. And since this, I have also found Map Runner and Walk Jog Run and Run The Planet... There are loads! The sites offer everything from places you can log and share routes, to more technical aspects like stride lengths and calories burned. I have often asked myself, fow far did I run? Was it more up than down? Would it be quicker than the bus that stops everywhere?

If you like running or want a tool that might encourage you to start more than the idea of a stitch, check out some routes at my favourite: Good Run Guide.


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